For 41 years, the Sonics captured the hearts and minds of basketball fans in Seattle and beyond. The SuperSonics brought the city its first professional sports championship in 1979 and followed it up with a decade of high-flying greatness in the 90’s. Boasting a history that dates back to the NBA’s infancy, the Sonics continually went toe-to-toe with the NBA’s best while packing the house on Lower Queen Anne. How a franchise with such history and pedigree could be relocated borders on the unfathomable.

We created Sonics Forever to put to life the legacy, stories, and people that made the Seattle SuperSonics so special. Simply Seattle and Sonics Forever are your content central, team shop, and home for all things Sonics. Join us as we look back with gratitude on the stories, memory, and legacy of Seattle Sonics basketball. BRING ‘EM BACK!


Joe Munson

A lifelong Seattle resident, Joe has lived and breathed Seattle sports since his trips to the Kingdome as a toddler. Joe has been a part of the Simply Seattle team since 2015 and takes pride in his role helping grow the brand from a small gift shop to what it is today.

An ardent basketball fan, Joe follows the NBA passionately (as well as local college and high school hoops). On the court, you’ll find him camped out in the Ryan Anderson spot. Not sure where that is? You can ask him on Twitter (@joe_munsy).