The Art of Scorekeeping: Your Stories

I’ll confess, it’s been a struggle for me to invest in sports this week. There are too many heartbreaking things happening across our country. Times like these make me want to hug the ones I love a little harder and express gratitude for sources of light a little louder. And I will say, sports can provide a torch of hope when needed.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a piece about scorekeeping at baseball games. I explained how an affinity for keeping book was passed down from my great aunt to my mom, then finally to me. Over the years, it became a unique bonding agent between me and the game of baseball. Now it’s as synonymous with game day as hot dogs and backwards snapbacks. Without a scorebook on my lap, games feel incomplete.

I relayed that story thinking it might bypass a lot of eyes. Which admittedly, is not the best strategy when writing professionally. But as you’ve probably noticed by now, True North isn’t built around traditional sports journalism. We are a small, local operation intent on building sodality around our favorite sports team. The thought of even a few fellow scorekeepers relating to the material was enough for me.

The amount of positive response to that article humbled me. Many of you shared your own scorekeeping stories with me here or on Twitter. I blame you for any smile-induced wrinkles incurred because I couldn’t stop grinning. I love that something so simple brings so much joy.

Seeing as it’s the perfect time to give thanks for people who spread light, I wanted to share some of your stories today. You make baseball/Mariners fandom feel bigger than a win/loss column. Thanks for making me feel connected. We need community more than ever.

You guys also gave amazing recommendations on new scorebooks for me to try.  

Also special thanks to anyone for recognizing how cool my mom is.

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